Kinesiology takes a holistic approach to healing the body naturally. 

The body is made up of an intricate group of cells, each forming what you see in the mirror everyday. The supercomputer (your brain) and the spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS). From here there are a network of nervous systems and organs that function together to make you, and to make you move. To help this along you have bones and muscles that assist in the motion. 

Occasionally not all of the systems work well together and there is a block or a learnt lesson that the body is accustomed to. From birth we are gifted with only being able to access a very small amount of our supercomputer as reasoning and logic is not required just yet. As we grow we inhibit the basic and start to develop other areas and have access to other emotions. 

At times the inhibited area of our supercomputer doesn't really lay dormant. It reacts..overreacts, makes itself the captain of the ship if you will. we can call this stress or anxiety, fear, and all of the repercussions that they bring with them. 

Because the body works together when one element is out...a chain reaction can occur.

For instance...Anxiety. I pick on anxiety as it is a real bully of a reaction to the human body and debilitating at the best of times. Anxiety causes panic attacks, hot/cold flushes, racing heart, feeling on edge, obsessive thought patterns to name a few. As you can see some are emotional reactions and some structural or physical. 

So what does Kinesiology do for the body?

A kinesiologist is trained in not just muscle testing (which is the way we talk to the body), but trained to understand the entire system that makes up you. Highly skilled in interpreting what your body needs to make changes. In the way of anxiety for instant your body is accustomed to the captain of the ship running the show when in fact the first mate needs to step up and take over. But that change can be hard by yourself. Kinesiology will give you access to that captain and the change can begin. Kinesiology works when you work. If you are ready for change then you are ready to take back control. We as Kinesiologist will help you along the way by using your body to structure change and concrete that new information into your supercomputer so you can take control.

What does Kinesiology help with
Learning ability
Food Intolerences
Muscle Aches & Pains
Feelings of Unbalance/Unsettled
Animal Healing

Kinesiology is for humans both adult/children and animals alike. Animals and some children are treated using a method called surrogacy where another person is used to balance the animal or child rather then on them directly. For more information please contact us.

I discuss the benefits and much more about Kinesiology on our Blog page.

Kinesiology Prices

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