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When Eastern and Western Medicine Come Together

Kinesiology is rapidly becoming the favourite choice when it comes to healing and not just for the human population...but the animals are getting a look in as well.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with two very special animals in particular. Both the owners have given me their permission to share their stories with you.

Gingers Story: Ginger was found on the street by the Cat Adoption Foundation. He was limp and found on a driveway. Very skinny and slightly malnourished. He was rushed to a vet where the prognosis was not great. He had a very severe lung infection.

Balancing You Kinesiology

Gingers vets did not hold much hope for him and the founder of Cat Adoption Foundation was advised that treatment was futile. The founder believed that the fight was not over and being that they are a no-kill went against all policy to euthanise without trying, so the vets went ahead and started draining the infection through tubes in his chest. At which point after a few posts I decided to do a balance on him.

I was honoured to intervene with the modality Kinesiology to work through an array of issues that he was facing that were inhibiting his ability to heal. Gingers body started to respond immediately and he began to perk up. He had some mental blocks and emotional blocks - not surprising for a street cat that doesn't understand love from humans and how he can actually be safe and warm and how that feels. His liver was struggling to help keep his body functioning so using a few techniques helped promote healing so his western medicine could work without causing harm. There was an irritant in his throat that presented like a sore throat which contributed to his non-eating, and again more techniques used to remove the discomfort so he could eat. The vet later confirmed this.

Balancing You Kinesiology

The combination between eastern and western medicine working together was great to witness. Ginger has since made a full recovery and is enjoying recovery and love in his new foster home. Keep an eye on the Cat Adoption Foundation facebook page for updates on Ginger and his adoption availability.

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