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What is your agenda this 2019?

The bringing in of a new year can open up many wounds, can be the beginning of closing some doors and opening new ones. These are all good things for many reasons, but, can you stick to it?

This 2019 year make it a goal to change one or more things that just don't sit right. We can be hoarders of the mind. We hold onto things that just don't serve a purpose for us anymore, simply because of habit or it's to hard to let go. We as humans tend to carry more then we need which slows us down.

Let me put it to you this way, using the old hiking up a hill analogy. You're at the bottom of a hill. You're about to walk up this hill...the hill is life. You have a backpack and in it you put everything that you need to take with you to go up this hill. You put in your family and their problems, you put in your work responsibilities, you put in your friends problems and that friendships needs and responsibilities, you put in the bills and financial responsibilities (would love to leave THAT at the bottom of the hill hey), you put in your goals from last year, you put in your ideas of nutrition and now lets cram in your new 2019 goals as well.


Grab that backpack, lug it over your shoulder and go for it. You are taking everything and the kitchen sink with you up this hill.

How heavy is your backpack? How far are you going with that backpack?

Now let me ask you. Do you think it is necessary to walk the same path with so much effort, or, walk the same path with a spring in your step and get up the path with much less effort?

The same distance with much less stress and pain.

It is okay to not take it all with you. A hard habit to break I know, but rewarding none the less.

You of course can unpack your own bag on your own, but if you need the help then reach out and we can start the journey together.

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