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Part 1 - Kinesiology and You

The body is a complicated system of cells and energy. There is much more but that is to put it lightly. From taking a picture with the eye at the start, to the finish line when it has downloaded it into the memory banks. What you do in-between that time with that information, ultimately, changes your body and its behaviour to suit.

What if I was to tell you that every decision you have made, everything you have seen, heard, smelt, touched has all made its way into your system and travelled the entire length of your body and back again activating every single cell you own to perform in the way it was designed to do. Within milliseconds.

Sounds a bit fantastic doesn’t it.

Without boring you with an anatomy and physiology class, I am condensing this right down for a quick read.

Have you noticed that when you remember an event that has happened, and it was a happy or sad moment, you may not actually remember the sight of the event or all the graphic details, but you remember how it felt. That is caused by a chemical reaction called emotion that has helped you remember the feels.

It works like this. Your eyes take a snapshot…much like a camera does. The information is

sent down the nerve into the brain. The brain will store it or it won’t, you will either remember it, or you won’t. Now, mix that snapshot with an emotion (chemical). A moment in time that is a stressful event creates (as most events do) a cluster of neurons (pathways) in the brain. A chemical is then produced (reaction) called an emotion. This is then downloaded into the brain and sent through the nervous systems in response. The body will only give you access to the things you need to fight, take flight or hide, such as blood to the legs, air to the lungs, dilated pupils so you can see better, your heart rate increases and so on.

So, you have just taught your body that this emotion requires this response. Imagine living with stress all the time. Imagine what the emotion is doing to the body. Imagine what chaos is going on inside and to every cell in your body. It honestly is like one big gossip session!

Now I could go on and talk about how the cells are getting all the gossip through synapses and pathways, but I have a sneaky suspicion you want to know HOW to undo this. Kinesiology is one way. Meditation is another but lengthier process which I will discuss in part 3 of this series.

We (kinesiologists) use the same system your body used that got you there in the first place. The energy in your body is primed just the way you taught it. So through a combination of kinaesthetic, auditory and visual techniques, we can tap into that “photo-album” you have created and rewrite a few things. No we cannot change the past, but we can give you new information and give the body and all its habitants new gossip to talk about. New behaviour. New self-talk. A new lease on life.

All of those principals apply for addiction, fear, sense of unwell, feelings of unbalance. It all comes from the same place. Our beloved pets are no different. There is no issue too small that couldn’t be assisted in some way to be something else with Kinesiology.

To sum up, living with stress for a long time will affect your health. From internal to external. No living organism on this planet can grow and flourish in a stressful environment.

In part 2 I discuss the brighter side of you and how combining Kinesiology and Chakras can start you on the road to a brighter, clearer more prosperous future.

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