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Part 2 - Kinesiology and the Chakras.

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Last week I discussed how the information of a stressful event can eventually train your body to behave in a certain way. It takes time of course and requires reliving the same stress or living constantly with new stresses presenting themselves for anything to become a pattern of behaviour.

As we know, Chakras are described as vortexes of energy pooled up in one area. Well, that is how I describe them and treat them as such. The placement of the Chakras and the positions in which they are placed on the body coincide with the nervous systems. Let me show you how.

Base or Root Chakra – At the base of the spine associated to kinaesthetic movement and grounding and the very point of the reproductive system.

Sacral Chakra – Located near the naval and associated to the bladder, also the reproductive system and small intestines.

Solar Chakra – Located above the naval, the digestive system and pancreas and adrenals.

Heart Chakra – associated with the lungs, the heart, and thymus gland.

Throat Chakra – thyroid and parathyroid and associated with neck and shoulders too.

Brow Chakra – inner vision and the thalamus and cerebellum.

Crown Chakra – associated to the pineal gland, the entire central nervous system and cerebral cortex.

There are spiritual elements to them as well as each centre holding emotion.

It is common for issues to arrive in these areas as information is carried throughout the body, just like in Part 1 where the cells environment directly affects their behaviour. So as much as a chakra is a mystical element…it has a very powerful function in the day to day operating system that is the body.

Getting chakras balanced is easy enough and if your kinesiology balance calls for it, we have that technique down packed too and with meditation and earth’s magnetic crystals you can get them spinning like clockwork again.

Meditation is a powerful technique used in many traditions as a form of calming the soul… or should I say, normalising the heart and brain waves.

In Part 3 the final chapter – I discuss Meditation and the benefits it has on the body along with a beginners guide to “getting the body and mind to focus”.

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