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Jax the wonder dog

Jax the pup received a kinesiology balance for his diet and weight gain.

Jax's Story: Jax nearly lost his life when he passed out in the rain and his temperature dropped significantly in the process. He was rushed to the vet and set up in a heated blanket with fluids to regain some normal temperature.

He fought hard and slowly started to make a recovery but the cause was undetermined as tests can take time.

Balancing You Kinesiology

Jax's mum came to me to balance and boost Jax's chances of making it through...and using natural healing to do it.

During his balance - it was noted he had a yeast intolerance of some sort and the food he was eating was loaded with yeast. He was unable to process it and all of the nutrients as the yeast was causing what looked like a severe allergic reaction.

He also brought up anaemia which for his mum and I explained his initial vet visit. This was conformed a few days later by the vet. We worked together to get him on a protein and iron rich yeast free diet and Jax has made a full recovery.

He is a happy healthy doggy weighing in at 25kilo from a 15kilo pup with anaemia.

Balancing You Kinesiology - Anaemic and not processing food (right image) to a lot heavier and happy dog (left image)

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