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What is Kinesiology - Another way to look at it.

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

This one statement is something I hear often. It is a no wonder as Kinesiology is only really becoming a realisation now that many people are seeing benefits in their health both in body and mind. This blog has been written using words from some of the greatest minds behind Kinesiology and the trainers that dedicate their lives to the practice and pass on their training. You can find more information on these people within the referencing. 

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology (kin e si olo gy) focuses itself around the bodies innate ability to store memories and reveal our health through feedback to the muscles. The art of muscle monitoring allows the practitioner and client access to that information or feedback allowing us to heal our body in ways that allow a more natural approach to health. It is the combination of eastern and western medicine that gives us a far broader scope of understanding of our bodies and our supercomputers (the brain).  

So how does that work?

Through the use of muscle monitoring (muscle testing) we can use specific movements to determine if a muscle is showing signs of fatigue that has an association with another part of the body. For example the liver lending itself to two muscles in the body, the pectoralis major sternal and rhomboids.However the association does not stop there as the modality Touch For Health designed and developed by Dr. John F Thie in 1970 has taught us that the bodies natural energy allows for an holistic healing approach and by applying the techniques of muscle testing we can tap into the bodies energy source and heal ourselves from the inside out. 

So why is this important?

As humans we have three core functions that make up our bodies. They are the Biochemical or physiological state, the Structural or the physical state, and the Mental/Emotional or psychological state. When put together they make up what is called the Triangle of Health. If one side of that triangle is lower then the other, it can unbalance the other two sides or reshape how we function. As humans it is almost impossible to maintain or have a perfectly balanced triangle as from birth we have had conditioning and events that shape our triangle for us. The job faced with many of us is to maintain some kind of optimal health and lifestyle. A balance as it was. Being in touch with our bodies both spiritually and physically allows us to see past that conditioning and ask our bodies what we really want and what we really need. 

So what can Kinesiology do for me?

The body gives up amazing secrets such as acupressure points, meridian pathways of energy, the senses such as smell and sound, and using these with a combination of techniques such as acupressure holding points and tapping, meridian massages and walking, flower essences and essential oils, nutrition, sound and colour work, we are able to move past the concious mind and ask the sub-concious or the body itself what it really needs to give us our desired outcome. Ailments that can be treated are things such as:

  • Improving learning abilities

  • Addressing and releasing fear and phobias

  • Eliminating emotional stress

  • Treats anxiety and depression

  • Helps with decision-making

  • Overcoming past trauma

  • Nutritional needs or deficiency

  • Aiding in muscle injury healing

  • Improving sports performance

  • Weight loss

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Kinesiology has it’s limits and cannot diagnose or prescribe medication. It is purely using your supercomputer and the structural foundations of your body to redirect the bodies energy pathways to function and perform at it’s highest peak.

In summary, your body has the answers. We just need to listen to it and become a part of a much higher form of healing then was ever imaginable. I invite you to further read up on Kinesiology from all different perspectives and start taking control of your body, mind and spirit.



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