Meditation is the ancient art of stillness and focus.

There are dozens of studies proving the effects of meditation in altering your state of awareness and well-being. Meditation meaning "to ponder" Latin word Meditatum. The first documents about meditation where said to be found in Vedas in Ancient Egypt. 

Want are the benefits of Meditation?

Each technique has it's own unique quality. But the script remains the same. Optimal life and wellness performance. 

  • Reduces stress

  • Controls anxiety

  • Enhances self-awareness

  • Can decrease blood pressure

  • Helps control pain

  • Can generate kindness

  • Help fight addictions

  • Promotes emotional health

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve focus

Want to learn Meditation?

Come and join the beginner meditation class. You will learn the history of meditation, a select few techniques that have the ultimate outcome for well-being, as well as be guided through the entire process and the meditation sessions.

 Class sizes are small so I can focus on you. If a class is not your style, we can do a one-on-one session with you also, or join us for a guided meditation session once a week. 


 Beginner class runs for 5 sessions at 60 min each. 

Guided meditation session - 30 min



Beginner Class - $18 per session/one on one session, or save and pay up front for the entire class - $80

(maximum of 3 classes/week available) 

(sessions are held once a week or 2 weekly if the need arises)

Meditation Guided session - $15

(2 guided meditation sessions available/week)

Upon starting your meditation journey with Balancing You whether with a class, one-on-one or a guided session you will have an exclusive invitation to join one of my Women's Circles of Well-Being.

Want to know more or book in for a class? Click the contact now button.

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