Life Coaching

Life Coaching is like a having a someone in your corner, backing you up, helping you navigate your way through. It is someone to help you achieve new levels of satisfaction and life fulfillment, help you identify your goals and create effective action plans, establish healthy habits, and create lasting change that will lead to the desired results. 

A coach is a collaborative partner.

A brainstorming partner.

A source of encouragement and support as well as accountability.

A coach is NOT a source for validation for victim mentality and behaviour, a consultant offering expert advice or a sounding board for complaining. 

Join the EVOLVE Wellness Workshop to start taking back control and regaining your power.

I will spend 90 minutes with you and in that time we will work together on really working out your life balance and where you can start to really create those changes to live a more fulfilled and empowering life. 

It's not always easy navigating your way through life. The up's and down's, the hurdles, figuring out goals, how to get them done, business, relationships, family, work. 

A Balancing You Life Coach can assist you and empower you to achieve the goals you have for yourself, your own success.

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Confidence Coaching
Goals Coaching
Located in Burton, South Australia, Australia
Lilly J Petkowski
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