Located in Burton, South Australia, Australia
Lilly J Petkowski
E-Healer & Coach
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It wasn't until I was way into my 30's that I realised the mess my head and body was in. I had ignored the signs and found myself fighting anxiety and depression, confidence had taken a beating and I had stacked on the weight. 

Raising my 2 teenage children was becoming harder and harder and maintaining a marriage was near-on impossible.

I was tired. I had run a demanding service-based business for 10 years with little reward. I would look in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I didn't even know who I was.

I could of gone down the medication or doctors path but I always knew there was a part of me that knew there was another way. 

I spent the better half of 2 years undoing everything. I revisited moments, I rewrote some scripts, I studied like a mad woman day in day out and found a love for my mind and body I didn't know still existed. 

Fast forward 5 years and I stand on this earth with my toes in the dirt humbled by the gift of life and healing I have been given and the chance to change lives, to be present when dreams come to life, to help you build on a new foundation with every tool in my toolbox. You do not have to study like I did - that was my journey, your journey is different.

You are not alone.

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Life Coaching

Meditation Master


Available in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer with a mic and headphones.


Touch For Health Kinesiology

Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology

Diploma of Counselling and Group Therapy

Diploma in Aromatherapy Practices

Hypnotherapy Master Level 4

Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Meditation Master Guide

Reiki I, II and Seichem

Diploma in Equine Psychology/Behaviour

Life Coaching for Goal Success

Life Coaching for Confidence

Professional Life Coach

Holistic Wellness Practioner and Coach

Certificate IV training and assessment

Competence Certificate in Massage for Relaxation